• Continental News: Filmic magazine of commentaries on events of massive interest.

  • Stars and Sports: Events in the field of the cultural and sport spectacles around the Olympic Games of the 68.

  • Documentary: Filmic, monothematic news articles.
  • The Film Library is catalogued by word in a computerized data base and registered
    with author rights. The access by word allows the immediate location of the related
    images in the Film Library.

  • Consecutive and uninterrupted 40 years of filming daily facts from a key period of
    the country modernization.

  • The most awarded cinema News those years, whose heap contains unique images
    of the contemporary history of Mexico

  • Filmic materials that coexisted on this period were total or partially lost because of
    the fire of the National Film Library in 1982 and due to the earthquake in 1985,
    which destroyed such archives as Televisa Chapultepec’s.